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drea asked in Social SciencePsychology · 1 month ago

how can I control my thoughts and OCD in order to live a better life?

hi. I am a straight female and I am attracted to boys. i suffer from anxiety and OCD. a very long time ago, i had a dream where one of my best friends touched me inappropriately... i didn’t enjoy it in the dream. when i woke up i started to ask myself did i like it? why did i dream that? and it caused me to spiral and panic on that issue. then it lead to me questioning my sexuality. i am uncomfortable around that friend and it ruined our friendship. these thoughts cause me to be depressed because i cannot control them. now, when a girl is nice to me and wants to be friend, my brain automatically thinks “ur gay because of that one time you had that dream. you’re gonna do the same thing with this girl that you did with your best friend, and everything is gonna turn into a mess. you’re gonna question if you have a crush on them. you’re gonna end up not being straight. don’t be friends with them” even before i see their face. even if I don’t find them attractive when I see them, my brain still does this to me. but the whole entire mentality that my brain causes me to have make me suffer and I feel like i’m never going to make any friends if my brain thinks like this. once again i’m straight, I just suffer from OCD and I turn simple thoughts into bigger ones. i want to be able to not do that, and live a normal life. i have had crushes on boys and i know what they feel like. how can I stop doing this so I can actually be able to make friends? help me please. 

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    maybe you should see a psychiatrist, you might need meds for that

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