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1. What do metaphysicians study & what methods do they use? give examples, how those methods are useful so solve your example problem.?

Is metaphysics really worth the effort?

2.Is it possible for it ever to answer any of the questions it identifies? And if it cannot answer its own questions, what value does it hold, if any? (or why do so many smart people spend so much time doing it?) 

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  • j153e
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    3 months ago
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    If epistemology is framed within atom-based science, then metaphysicians study that which is outside of scientific praxis.

    This metaphysical study includes questions about epistemology and the foundations and limits of science and maths (metaphysical naturalism), as well as anything else of interest or concern.

    Metaphysical methods are primarily other than atom-based experimentation and explanation.  For example, Kant and later individuals' thought about free will, how scientific work such as Libet's affects metaphysical perspectives about free will, how metaphysical naturalism in turn handles scientism, and how the same set of empirical data may generate different hypotheses. 

    Another general methodology of metaphysics is the tripartite analysis of a given entity (a self-consistent essence):  is it illusory, scientifically handleable, or more fundamental (less empirically manipulable and atomically testable).

    Science in a popperian sense never definitively "answers" any of its questions, but it gives perspectives re atomicity.

    Similarly, metaphysics never definitively "answers" any of its questions, but it gives perspectives to the non-empirical (i.e., those questions not particularly susceptible to scientific manipulation).

    Similarly, art, music, and literature never definitively "answer" any of their questions, but give perspectives. 

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