Is there such a thing as "skinny shaming?"?

To make a long story short, after I had a stroke in 2012, my weight has fluctuated quite a bit. I've also somewhat recently(over a year) been vegan. Not to mention, I also regularly work out and watch my caloric intake. However, never in my life have I been hounded so much to eat more, been told I'm too thin, and gotten dragged to a nutritionist! I simply eat well, watch my calories, and am careful not to gain too much wight. I feel like since a large proportion of the population is obese(my Mother is) that I'm being bullied by the general public and my Mother,

happens to be the worst offender. I am roughly 5' 8" and 129 pounds. I eat regularly, have great muscle tone and average a size 9. Therefore, WHY am I being hounded about it so bad!

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  • 4 months ago
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    Yes there is such a thing as skinny shaming. However it's usually used on those who are underweight. However you are NOT underweight by any means.

    Now part of the problem is that some whose diet contains meat, tries to use the strict vegetarian diet to accuse those who are vegan, as always being sick and underweight. I'm not a vegan nor am I any type of a vegetarian for that matter. I do however find myself at odds many times, with others whose diet as is mine omnivorous. Mainly due to their ignorance and the claims they make about those who are vegan, and even those who are even lacto-ovo-vegetarians.

    Also some who are obese or even overweight, will use skinny shaming tactics as well, to get those who aren't at their weight level, up to where they're at, so they don't have to feel bad about being as overweight as they are. Fat or skinny shamming are in the end nothing more than a form of bullying.

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  • patty
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    4 months ago

    see a doctor and ask if u are too thin.

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