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Would you trust....any of these websites when purchasing a colorful sweatshirt?

So facebook ads caught my eyes with "funkadelic hoodie". I googled it and found there are about 20 websites that all seem to sell the exact same jacket..same picture and everything. Should I trust websites like these?

2 Answers

  • Eva
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Don't. They pirate pictures from legitimate websites. They'll ship from China and what you receive may not be what your ordered or it will be of very poor quality. When you try to get it fixed, they'll ask you to ship the wrong item back at your expense, which is usually more than the item cost. When you refuse to do that and threaten to file a dispute with your credit card company they will offer you a partial refund to keep the item. You'll never get what you ordered. Some of them are really good at fooling you. Their website will have legit pictures and the domain will lead you to believe it's a legit company. Don't buy anything off Facebook ads. Facebook doesn't vet their advertisers.

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  • 1 month ago

    most of the time those websites will be customer post websites, kind of like eBay. People will take pictures of those items post them for money and then make them for cheap and very poorly or not even make them at all just for profit. If you want you can comment some of the websites in question and I can give you a report on whether or not they are trustworthy happy shopping!!

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