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jackson asked in Arts & HumanitiesPoetry · 1 month ago

I need help with figuring out some connotations for ‘The Death Of A Cockroach’ by Robert William. Please! ?

I opened wide the bath-room door,

And all at once switched on the light,

When moving swift across the floor

I saw a streak of ebon bright:

Then quick, with slipper in my hand,

Before it could escape,--I slammed.

I missed it once, I missed it twice,

But got it ere it gained its lair.

I fear my words were far from nice,

Though d----s with me are rather rare:

Then lo! I thought that dying roach

Regarded me with some reproach.


Said I: “Don’t think I grudge you breath;

I hate to spill your greenish gore,

But why did you invite your death

By straying on my bath-room floor?”

“It is because,” said he (or she),

“Adventure is my destiny.


“By evolution I was planned,

And marvelously made as you;

And I am led to understand

The selfsame God conceived us two:

Sire, though the coup de grace you give,

Even a roach has right to live.”


Said I: “Of course you have a right,--

But not to blot my bath-room floor.

Yet though with slipper I may smite,

Your doom I morally deplore…

From cellar gloom to stellar space

Let bards and beetles have their place.”

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  • 1 month ago

    Twas my wufe...............or maybe yours....I was to drunk to tell.....but when a dead girl fall on you you can be sure your in hell

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