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Chloe asked in PetsCats · 1 month ago

Do you think my cat has a furball problem or something else?

My 8 month old silver tabby neutered males has been hacking a lot.  We do live in cold  Michigan but he is inside this time of year at all times.  He came to us a tiny feral kitten around 4 weeks old and we got him used to humans and he got along with our other four cats indoor/outdoor.  He has been like making choking, coughing noises with nothing coming out.  His health is otherwise great.  I do find throwup maybe once a week that is mostly just undigested hard food (Purina Cat Chow, it's all we can afford) but I don't know which cat is doing this.  All the cats have been vaccinated except for feline Aids or feline Leukemia.  He has no discharge from his nose.  He has been grooming himself a lot (they had a small flea outbreak) as well as our cat that is close to age and is a Turkish Angora and he loves to groom her.  

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  • 1 month ago
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    It sounds like hairballs. You can help him by brushing him daily. My cat doesn't like being brushed, so I can only brush her for a short time, but any brushing helps. If you can brush both your cats that would be even better since you say he likes to groom your other cat. That must be cute to see!

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  • PR
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    1 month ago

    1.Feeding:  Do not feed dry-only. This could easily cause hacking if the cat is eating the dry food too quickly, and it is getting stuck in the throat. Make a mix like this: 1 cup dry food/2 tablespoons canned/1+ cups water. Feed twice per day in the amount he normally eats. This should go down easier than only dry. For any food left over and refrigerated, add water as needed at next feeding.

    2. Roughage: Offer a pot of kitty grass, or use a plant called Dracaena. These can help move the food through the gut, faster and more easily.

    3. Brushing: Brush kitty on a daily basis.

    4. Milk: If he continues gagging, try offering a little milk or Laxatone for cats.

    If none of these works or it gets worse, take kitty to the vet. We also live in "cold Michigan", but this has nothing to do with whether the cats hack or not. Our cats only do this if there is an issue and, yes, it can be furballs, eating too quickly with no water in the food, or lack of roughage. Also, have the vet check inside the mouth and the throat if it continues. 

    Change how you feed, first. 

    For fleas, use Capstar/Nitenpyram, rather than monthly flea drops. Too many chemicals are not good for cats or humans. Use baking soda/salt on the carpeting to kill eggs and larva on the carpeting.

    I would also suggest trying either 9-Lives or Meow Mix. Purina can cause digestive trouble in some cats. 

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Of course I will say have you checked with the vet?

    Also, do you brush him every day? And finally, do you have cat grass indoors? The grass helps them to sick up hairballs if they don't go outside.

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