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Anonymous asked in SportsBaseball · 1 month ago

Why do most baseball stadiums bring in outside venders to sell food and drink in the stands?

Are there not plenty of concession stands at the stadium that could send their own guys up to the stands and sell their own food, increasing that concessions profits?

3 Answers

  • So you want me to stand in even longer lines at the Concession Stands? Why is that? The lines are long enough as they are now. When was the last time you were at a Sporting Event? I was at an NBA Game last night. Why should I spend my time watching the game on an Electronic Screen, when I can go back to my seat and watch it live?

    • jack1 month agoReport

      What part aren't people understanding here? Stadiums use outside companies to sell food and drink in the stands. My point is the concession stands could send THEIR OWN GUYS to the stands to sell up there AS WELL as in the concession area. Good lord people's comprehension abilities these days.

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  • Stadiums are run by companies who are hired by the clubs to manage them. They do so for a fee and/or percentage of revenue. The people who are in the stands work for the company managing the stadium.

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  • 1 month ago

    It's mostly about cost controls and also a reflection of how regulation and insurance costs have changed the nature of hiring and employment.

    While it might seem "logical" for a team or stadium operator to hire its own workers, consider the additional costs and headaches.  Besides all the additional paychecks that need to be processed think about all the applications that would need to be reviewed and the number of interviews conducted... think of the cost for their uniforms... think of the cost added to your company's insurance plan..

    Think of the additional headaches when workers call out sick an hour before the game...or when they sue you for waking up with a sore back... Think about scrambling to bring in extra help for a big weekend series...or having to send them home when it starts raining in the 3rd inning.

    Concessions companies take care of all that, usually with a flat or previously-negotiated fee. Teams gladly accept that cost in return for not having to deal with those headaches and potential for unexpected costs.

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    • jack1 month agoReport

      Which means that instead of the stadium paying an outside company to do it, they are actually making money by letting the individual concession stands do it.

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