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What's a "Mainwaring Presidential System"?

I came upon the term reading for my Political Science class. The author doesn't define it, I can't find a definition via Google search, and I also can't find any uses of the term other than in the paper I'm currently reading. It's so frustrating. The only result I get is that "Mainwaring" is some professor in the field's last name. There's nothing on what was apparently named after him. I can't even find other uses of the term. The only hits are for the guy's name as an author of something.

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    I'm not aware of anything being named after him, but Scott Mainwaring is a political science scholar whose specialty is the particular kind of governmental system popular in Latin America, and the ways in which that system differs from those common in Europe and North America.  That system may be what they are referring to.

    Specifically, it is a system similar to that in the U.S. where the federal government is composed of both an individual executive head of state and a representative legislature.  But different from the U.S. in that they have more than two major parties.

    The term he uses for it is a "multi-partisan Presidential system."  In contrast, the U.S. has a "bi-partisan Presidential system."  While Canada and most of Europe use a Parliamentary system, with a Prime Minister rather than a President.

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