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Spyro asked in SportsWrestling · 1 month ago

Will Ospreay or Rey Fenix?

Who has faster movement?

Who has better stamina/conditioning?

Who is better at striking?

Who is more stiff?

Who is a better aerial artist in terms of control and grace?

Who is a better aerial artist in terms of coming up with something different and exciting?

Who is a better grappler on the mat and/or locking up?

Who is more consistent at producing quality matches with different opponents?

Who is more well rounded in the ring?

Who is better at executing moves at the right time to get the fans to react?

Who is a better seller overall?

Who is tougher overall?

Who is stronger, more powerful?

Who is a better base for highflyers/luchadores?

Who plays a better babyface?

Who has better charisma?

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    1 month ago
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    1. Rey Fenix.  The guy's beyond fleet footed

    2. I haven't seen Rey in many long haul bouts, so I'll have to assume Ospreay

    3. Ospreay.  Fenix, while not a bad striker by lucha standards, isn't prolific or really ending matches with hits.  Meanwhile, one of Will's biggest offensive maneuvers is the 'Hidden Blade', which is just a straight up elbow to the back of the head.

    4. Ospreay.   Pretty much everything I said for answer 3

    5. Fenix.  The guy floats.  I wont knock Will's aerial game, but Fenix makes it look natural like few others do.

    6. Fenix.  The guy masters the top rope and just does some of the craziest stuff I've ever seen.  If Will has a strength over Fenix, it's stringing stuff together, but Fenix just has some great high spot moves that I don't think many else could pull off.

    7. I don't think of either as submission guys or grapple boys.  I'll give it to Ospreay simply based on my last statement of him stringing stuff together well.

    8. I'd argue Fenix, but Ospreay's starting to impress me more and more with his heavyweight game lately.  I'd say Fenix is more consistent than Ospreay, but it's arguable that Will has better matches than Fenix when he's in the right head space.

    9. I'd argue tie.  While Fenix is a luchador by definition, he pops out some power moves like the fisherman driver and the lifting reverse DDT that are great feats of strength for a guy his size.  Likewise, Will has started hitting more power based moves as well.  Fenix is a skilled tag and singles wrestler, whereas Will has wrestled heavyweight and junior styles with great result.

    10. I'd say Rey.  I sometimes feel like Will does too much or pulls something out of nowhere at times without proper build up.  Will has his epic flurries, but with Fenix it feels like everything is just a part of his style and fits like a puzzle piece into the match.

    11. Will when he does sell, although I do hate how he sells.  I can picture it in my head though, and I can't think of any major times where Rey sold anything.  Sometimes it's hard to do that with a mask.  I might even be inclined to say the answer is Will for ever selling at all.

    12. Will.  He's had some hard hitting encounters over the past 365 days.  Fenix is booked pretty 50/50, and I don't really think of him taking big hits and getting up.

    13. Probably Will.  The Stormbreaker's pretty nuts to pull off.  Size be damned.

    14. I'd say Will again.  Rey's usually the guy doing moves to the base guy.  

    15. I think Rey Fenix is a good babyface when he isn't working heel.  Both guys are mega over in their national markets.  I might have to go Will on this one though.  He knows how to sell and get the crowd behind him.  

    16. I don't think of either as being ultra charismatic, but I'd say Rey has more personality than Will.

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