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Promoted literary analysis of this short story plssss ??? i need help , dont know how to write it?

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    chimezie, we don't do people's homework for them.

    Did you read it? What was the main conflict? What did the characters do about it? Were their actions effective? Were they necessary, or did they choose from a number of options? Were they ethical, moral, and right? Who, if anyone, was harmed, and did they deserve it? What is the author trying to say by telling this story? Is there a moral ("crime doesn't pay" for instance)? How did the author's stance on that moral show in the story? What writing techniques did he employ to make this work?

    Look at you, you're doing literary analysis!

    • chimezie1 month agoReport

      thanks for this promt up ideas. i appreciate 

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