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Anonymous asked in Social ScienceGender Studies · 1 month ago

Are feminists dangerous?

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  • Jack
    Lv 7
    1 month ago
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    I'd say they are, yes.

    If for no other reason, look at what they've done to the presumption of innocence in criminal complaints where the accuser is female and the accused is male.  

    When it came to Brett Kavanaugh, the over 30 year old, unsubstantiated allegation of sexual assault nearly derailed his nomination to the Supreme Court.  

    In the UK, Judges have been instructed to treat women more leniently than they treat men.  

    In Canada, in the aftermath of the Jian Ghomeshi trial (where his defense team countered the accusations with ACTUAL EVIDENCE), the government actually changed the law to make defending one's self even more difficult.

    But that only makes feminists dangerous to men, right?  Well...not exactly.  

    You see the feminist war on the nuclear family and pushing women into the workforce has seen the unexpected outcome of diminishing happiness for women.  Couple that with increasing numbers of men who decline to be alone with women in professional settings (because they fear they will be swept up in false allegations), and men who are increasingly unwilling to intervene to defend women who are being attacked in public...and it suggests that feminism has been dangerous and a net negative to women as well.

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  • 1 month ago

    Yes, Feminists are Dangerous. 

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  • 1 month ago

    Not particularly, as most of them tend to be 'Liberal' minded and are generally not likely to be carrying a gun with bullets in it.  Men that have no respect towards women are far more dangerous, especially if they are also parents to sons, and their hatred gets passed down through the generations.

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  • 1 month ago


    In this country, white men saw some people living here, killed most of them and drove the rest out to undesirable lands where they'd freeze, starve, or die of hunger. Then they set up an elitist government that benefited themselves only. Then they went over to Africa, chained up a bunch of people and proceeded to make them row the ships back to this here country they illegally obtained and forced those rowers to do everything they (the white men) wanted them to do ~~and beat them if they didn't.

    Women, on the other hand, had to fight like crazy to get ANY rights. They were jailed, beat, tortured, ostracized, excommunicated from churches and communities, and sometimes killed, while fighting for these rights.

    It took several hundred years, but we did it! We got out legal rights.

    The right to own property? White men had that in the bag from the beginning.

    Right to file for divorce? Yeah, we had to fight for that.

    Right to not be raped or beaten by our husband? Again, fully legal at one time.

    Right to even have a line of credit? Not until the 1980's.

    Right to vote? Heck, we didn't even have that right until 1920.

    At one time in this country, women weren't allowed to dine at a restaurant without a male head-of-household accompanying her.

    And even though we have the legal rights, we're still having to put up with a lot of social garbage that's carried over from this white patriarchal past.

    We're slut-shamed while men get to brag about how trampy THEY are.

    Men are referred to as 'family men' just for having children ~~even when they do little in the way of child care~~ yet us women are often called 'bad parents' for the slightest mishap in someone else's view of proper parenting technique (have you ever heard the term 'family woman'. Why not? Think about it.)

    Yes. Us feminists are here to take the jobs you refuse to do (like raising your own children, doing the laundry, doing all the work at family get-togethers), work full time then come home and do all of the above and more.

    We had to fight for our rights, while white men just took them.

    And WE did it without the use of guns and genocide.

    We are dangerous indeed. 

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  • Foofa
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Valerie Solanas certainly was. But to date woman-hating men have killed more living people than feminists ever did.

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  • Teresa
    Lv 5
    1 month ago

    No, men are.


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  • 1 month ago

    "Are feminists dangerous?"

    It's not feminists in and of themselves that are dangerous.  It is the ideology that they promote that is the danger.  Read on:

    Ultimately, feminism is going to lead to the collapse of our free and harmonious society. Some people might think this is silly. But read on and I'll try to give an idea about what I'm talking about.

    Second wave feminism was the one social revolutionary program that stuck with enough middle class Western women. Communism was the original ideal, but after the way the Soviets were rightly viewed, there was no way this was going to be accepted in the West. Essentially, all these "isms" are nothing more than corporate elite financed revolutionary program to completely rework society away from the ideals of human Rights and Freedoms that came about from the White, European, Christian civilizations that went through the Renaissance.

    This is too big a topic to discuss in a few paragraphs here. But just to drive the point home about how revolutionary, AND destructive feminism is ... it is necessary to see exactly what it looks like if it was MEN and not women who demanded "liberation" from the system we had. (read the last part of this answer)

    The free and civilized system, of course, expects that we all work towards sustaining it. Feminism demands that we treat it with disrespect and eventually kill it so that we have a new system that they tell us will be better, but really, it just lowers our humanity down to the level of monkeys so that we can be controlled, and not be too much of a bother to our controllers. Our children will be the benefactors of our acceptance of this deceptive ideology, AND laziness to fight for the system that gave us this decent quality of life for a few decades.


    "What if men had, one day, decided they wanted to start a movement to be liberated from the bonds of marriage and servitude to women? What if they had gotten sick and tired of slaving away all day to support their families, being expected to excel at business and build a life for their wife and children? What if they’d gotten tired of the weight of society being on their shoulders, and wanted instead to pursue careers unattached to marriage and children? What if they’d decided it was unfair to be expected to support a child just because they’d sired it, and wanted rights demanding they did not need to be involved in the child’s life at all if they felt like it, or that they could take it completely away from the woman and raise it without a mother if that’s what they wanted instead? What if they were able to decide to abort the child, whether the woman wanted them to or not, claiming genetic ownership of the product of their mistake? What if they wanted equal rights in divorce, to not have to pay alimony or child support? What if men had marched in the street for the right to sleep around, challenged the teachings of the church that they be faithful to their wives, calling it oppressive and degrading? What if men had valiantly declared women to be useless, that society would be just fine without them, that a man needed a woman like a fish needed a bicycle? What if all domestic abuse cases against women were ignored while domestic abuse cases against men were exaggerated? What if all women were blamed for prison rape, for expecting men to fend for themselves and blaming that for high incarceration rates? What if, after establishing a proud and loud notion that men needed to be liberated from the bonds of caring for the women folk, men still expected women to clean and cook and care for the children, but without commitment? What if men demanded that the state require women to preform these tasks while they went on with their lives? What if men got sick of dominating the dangerous and unwanted jobs and demanded safe, easy office jobs while sending women out to collect garbage, tend sewer systems, cut down trees, build skyscrapers, drill for oil, patrol the streets, fight fires and wars?" .

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    • .Jerry.
      Lv 7
      1 month agoReport

      Just today my dear.  I -work- for a living.  I'm going to imiagine that you are doing office work, with office men.  Not everyone does f-all you know!

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  • 1 month ago

    yes. in case a wild feminist approaches you, best chance of survival is to throw a cupcake in the air. the feminist will be distracted by it, giving you enough time to run away. If no cupcakes on hand, ask him/her "do you think men and women should do equally hard work in order to be paid the same?" this is a risky move, as there is a chance of her not understanding the question and attacking you on the spot. 40% of survival chance..

    always keep a cupcake or some other sweets with you to be safe

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Only the green or purple haired, fat, shouty scary ones. The normal, rational ones are fine.

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  • 1 month ago

    Some are. A select few use the title of "feminist" purely to talk sh*t and degrade the rest of the community in the process. Third-wave feminism in general is too unforgiving and refuses to take cultural changes into consideration. Old school feminists (or at least those leading old-school values) are generally fine. I've NEVER met a feminist over 40 I disagree with, only those 25 or less. I believe in equal rights, but the most recent feminist wave seems to think that "women being equal" = sh*t-talking men and calling them a number of insults without provocation.

    Old-school feminists? totally fine

    Modern feminists? nutcases at least 50% of the time

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