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What shows in synastry that man is emotional attached to the woman in synastry?

In your experience.

1 Answer

  • Janet
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    Unless one person has their Ascendant or Descendant within 8 degrees of the other person's Sun or Moon or Venus or Mars, the relationship is either not going to happen, or if it does, it will not be a significant lasting relationship.

    For instance, if you have 3 degrees of Leo Rising, any planet that is between 25 Cancer and 11 Leo will be conjunct your Ascendant ... we use distances to find the synastry aspects, NOT the Signs.

    You don't need to have this "both ways". Just one instance of this type of synastry conjunction is enough.

    But it does NOT guarantee that both parties are emotionally mature enough to make the relationship work. If they have this type of conjunction between their charts, they will last a decade, maybe two at the most, UNLESS they are both able to be kind when upset, and able to set aside their own preferences for the sake of the relationship.

    Love is the hardest thing we will ever do in life and apparently only 12.5% of all couples manage to make a relationship lasting and happy .. and it takes them about 20 years of each learning to work with their own emotions, before this contentment is found. It is our actions and not our feelings, that make it work ... love is only 11% of what makes a relationship work and it does this only by motivating us to learn how to treat each other with respect, tolerance, commitment and gentleness. And THAT relies on US learning how to take responsibility for working with our own emotional reactions, instead of blaming our partner and then trying to make them change.

    Since astrology is ONLY an influence on us, we cannot predict how much we allow it to influence us. Our charts show only how we will LIKELY be IF we do not change, grow or learn over our years.  So astrology cannot predict external events, cannot predict how we will react to things, and cannot predict if a relationship will last or not.

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