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How human activitis are been affected by climatic changes?

2 Answers

  • JimZ
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    There is a theory that human evolution favored a very generalist evolution since climate kept changing over the last couple million years in Africa.  It went from wet to dry to wet to dry.  This resulted in favoring species that could survive in both.  Specialists were weeded out.  

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Tremendously. Climate change shrank the forests in Africa 5 million years ago, making apes territorial and the losers of fierce territorial fights were then forced to leave the forests and eke out a living on the dangerous open savanna. To this day, gorillas exclude chimps from their territories, and chimps often kill males from neighboring troops in territorial disputes. Our ancestors were losers and they evolved into man-apes, the first apes that walked upright. Subsequent climate change turned these man-apes into humans, because the drier climate forced them to adapt by evolving a larger brain to figure out how the heck they could find their next meal.

    60,000 years ago, a severe drought forced some Africans to migrate out of Africa and they became the ancestor of all non-Africans, from Europeans to Asians to Native Americans to Australian aborigines.

    More climate change (colder ice age) then forced Europeans to migrate back to the Middle East, where some of them invented agriculture after the last ice age ended. Agriculture was also invented in China at about the same time. These inventions caused population explosions, and it changed the demographics when the Chinese migrated southward and westward into SE Asian countries, where they replaced many darker skinned African looking people and admixed with some of them. Europeans and Middle Eastern farmers (whose ancestors were Europeans) migrating to India also changed the demographics. Admixture resulted in people with a mix of both cold climate features (straight hair, abundant facial hair and light skin) and hot climate features (curly hair, dark skin and little facial hair). When the ice age ended, some people from NE Asia also crossed the Bering land bridge to populate North and South America. These were the ancestors of native Americans.

    In short human evolution and human history have been shaped by climate change of one form or another.

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