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How long would it realistically take to drive from Connecticut to northern California? (With breaks)?

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  • 1 month ago
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    Most people consider a 500-mile day a full day on the road.  So it's 3000 miles (maybe a little more) so that's 6 days.

    Now this time of year, that's across Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, etc.  The weather could slow you down considerably.  A more southern route would be easier, but longer.  Maybe another day.  Down through Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, then up through Nevada or California.  Actually that might be a more interesting trip! Plus you avoid crossing the Rockies in winter.

    If you have more than one driver, you can do it much faster by switching off behind the wheel, taking turns sleeping.  Google Maps says 44 hrs, so you could do it in as little as two days.  I've known people who did this, but if I was going to do it, it'd have to be in a van or RV or something where i could stretch out and get good sleep.  Some people would find it easy to just recline their seat and sleep in a car.

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