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an electric guitar latency problem?

Hello, I have been using Audacity Daw for years & love it! I once had a p.c. that ran Vista with a line in jack, could plug guitar in & record with no latency issues. I have new p.c with windows 10 pro. no line in jack on this p.c. bought a usb interface, if i use Audacity with either my drum machine or looper it works great, no latency. If I try using guitar,the latency issue & it  sounds like im playing through a delay pedal. I also have tried a usb guitar cord, same issue. My main guitar has active Emg pickups, tried 2 other guitars with passive pickups to see if that was the problem & again same issue. again only issues with trying to record guitar. its not a latency between tracks either, i can start a new project with just guitar & same issue? I'm stumped! any help is very appreciated! thanks in advance!

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