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L asked in HealthMental Health · 1 month ago

Stuck in nursing job..what’s the best way to depart/ break the news in private duty home care?

I have been at my current private duty home care gig for some time now. In all honesty once I learned my clients routine and adaptive technologies it became quite an easy job. However that being said, it is so repetitive..aside from if they are sick it’s the same thing over and over. I work a set schedule there twice weekly. I also work full time at a subacute care facility with neuro patients which is very intensive and incredibly short staffed. It is truly miserable..moral is low and aside from liking my coworkers ..I’m ready and in desperate need of a new job and change of pace. I can no longer work this hard ..the physical and mental exhaustion is seriously killing my mental health. My schedule is very steady (pay sucks)but I have no time to have a real life of any sort. I am at the point where I am ready to move towards the hospital, likely to the critical care side of things. The issue is my private client is unable to get and keep other nurses. They can be difficult sometimes but is genuinely a kind and understanding person but I think people get scared off due to the complexities of their condition. There is already a constant issue with staffing as there are only a few of us now, and both the client and their partner are constantly stressed about trying to find coverage. Not to mention they are older so I especially empathize. I know my leaving will be extremely difficult for them but I am young and so burnt it is crazy. I’m just so compassion fatigued. SOS.

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