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i want to find the name of this game (please read)?

so i found a game a couple months ago but did't save it and now i can't find it.

i found this game on youtube by a rather normal sized yt channel (around 200 k) that did a series on it but i can't find the youtuber so that doesn't help.

it is a citybuilding type game where you are on a limited area with small towns, forests and possible mine spots.

you need to create railroads and roads with trucks todeliver materials to the citys to make them grow and earn money, once you collected enought money you can buy new tiles of land  and grow even more.

i think it was in pre alpha and costed more than 30 euros, it was supposed to launch near 2020


if it helps, its a top down game, the view when playing is top down .

also, if it helps, the graphics are 8-bit like, they are pretty blocky but still have detail

Update 2:

the game had a bigger emphasis on ressource manadgment and the creation of materials like lumber or ingots, less so on the building side

2 Answers

  • 1 month ago

    don't wory i found the game, its voxel tycoon

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    That place is somewhere is minecraft. Hope this helps

    • Alan1 month agoReport

      not really lol but thanks for asking, its a top down view game

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