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O asked in Social ScienceAnthropology · 3 months ago

What if a Taiwanese man marries a non-Taiwanese woman?

Since Taiwanese names have a hyphen between the first name and the surname, how would it be formatted if he were to marry an woman of a different ethnicity? Would her name have a hyphen or not?

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    Most people in Taiwan speak and write the Mandarin language. So, their names are written in traditional Chinese, not the simplified version used on Mainaland China. In the Chinese langauge, the Surname comes first, followed by the first name, which may be one or two words. There is no hyphenation between the surname and first name. If a persons name has 4 Chinese characters, then it is understood that the person has a surname consisting of two words.

    When the Chinese is translated phonetically to English, then a hyphen may be used, or it may not be used. Most often, hyphens are used to join the maiden name of a woman with her husbands name, not to join the first name and surname. For example, if a womans maiden name is Mui, and her husbands name is Chan, then her surname becomes Mui-Chan in English. In Chinese, however, the husbands surname come first. and her surname because Chan Mui.Sometimes the hyphen is used to join the 2 words in a first name.

    Lets suppose the womans first name is May Ling. Then in traditional Chinese her married name becomes Chan Mui May Ling, or Chan-Mui May Ling. If she is going to emigrate to European countries, then her name may be written as May Ling Chan-Mui in her Taiwanese passport or May Ling Mui-Chan if she gets a US citizenship. 

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