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Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsFriends · 1 month ago

Was anyone else ugly in highschool?

God looking back I realize why no guy talked to me lol till grade 12 I was so careless in terms of taking care of myself and even though I live in a well-off family my mom NEVER took care of us or brush our hair when we were younger or tell us to take shower or how to dress which sometimes honestly haunts me cause now looking back and thinking about the stuff people told me it traumatizes me cause at the time I DID NOT CARE or shall I say till grade 12 I didnt care at all what others thought about me almost as if i was immune to bullies which Im glad but also at the same time not cause my mom shouldve done a better job. But ever since starting college 3 years ago I started to put on makeup do my hair dress nice and get so much compliments and get asked out but its so hard for me to appreciate anything which should be the opposite. Anyone else?

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    1 month ago
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    First of all, you are in a better place, my mom worked days so my dad did my hair from first grade until 4th. My early school pictures were horrible. I am not sure if my mother never taught me how to fix my hair or I was a rebel and did it myself, right through high school, I looked pretty awful. I can look back and laugh because I am in a better place. Use those days as a memory of your early days and enjoy where you are now

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