What are the benefits of indoctrinating your employees?

I worked for a company that did exactly this for its other employees and I don't see what benefits this offers. I've not had such thing from my past jib but I was one of the fastest, smartest and hard-working employees, who also turned up on days he's not usually rostered to work.

All I saw where employees with sunken eyes assuming this was from boredom or their indoctrination.


Was I indoctrinated? I had an induction with that company where we were made to watch a video about acceptable behavior, OH&S, social media use and what not to tell the outside world.  

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  • Mike
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    7 months ago
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    Depends on what you mean by "indoctrinating your employees".

    If I have a company with specific standards of conduct, I would make sure all employees knew what those standards are.

    Sunken eyes could be because they are working long hours, could be stress.

    "I was one of the fastest, smartest, and hard-working employees" - funny, its only the employee that thinks that. Ask their coworkers or supervisors and you get a totally different view.

    "all I saw where employees" - the word "where" means in a specific location, so what location were these employees?

  • 7 months ago

    Indoctrinating??  I always thought it was orienting the employee as to what was expected of them at that company.  It tends to mitigate problems down the road.  I've worked @ two companies that did this.  LOL - I doubt a couple of days of this is likely to indoctrinate anyone.  

  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    do you know the difference between a job and a scam religion?

  • 7 months ago

    i doubt benefits come from biblical indoctrination unless everyone is already converted than everyone can benefit from spiritual insights and morning prayer.

    however if you are talking about secular and business philosophies indoctrination can lead to unity of the company and employees. of course biblically, we are taught to be slaves to no man, and in the LDS church we are taught to become self reliant, because the book of Mormon says men will perish if they labor for money. and in the united states, all men ought to own their own property, and be free from various slavery issues like being in debt or working for taxes that take half the year to pay off.

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  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    Questions like this can get you in serious trouble. I suggest you cease and desist asking such question. 

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