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why do people hate feminist?

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    "why do people hate feminist?"

    Most people that hate feminism are those that see that hate from radical or extremist feminists first.  They also note that all of this misandry goes unchallenged by any other "feminist" at the source where it occurs.

    Too  many self-proclaimed feminists, like the one's that come here on these questions to tell us that people that hate feminism just don't understand what feminism is, are far too late to the game.  They've actually missed the boat.

    Those feminists are supposed to tell the radical feminists that it is THEM are not feminists according to the dictionary definition.  Not come here to tell us that we need to respect that definition, while the prominent feminists themselves are out there making a complete mockery of that definition.

    Misandry, extremism and radical feminism are all publicly passed off as feminism by the prominent leadership, and that goes unchallenged by all other feminists.  And THIS IS WHY most people hate feminism.  Because unchallenged misandry and man-hating IS feminism since no other feminists tells the purveyors of misandry that it is not.


  • militantness gets tiresome

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    B/c a lot of these Feminazi type

    Folk are truly nothing more than trouble

    making broad's look'n for a fight sadly

    so :( :(


  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Feminism is a hate movement.

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  • Adam
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    8 months ago

    I’m not against feminism, I’m against radical feminism which looks to discriminate against men. The problem is that people don’t often distinguish between the two, videos about feminism which go viral tend to be those where you’ll hard an extreme view about feminism which isn’t necessarily  shared by most feminists but is often used as leverage against feminists in the debate. 

    People need to understand the difference, unfortunately this sort of issue impacts not just feminists but other things to do, religion & terrorists, hard working immigrants & those abusing the benefits system. I think some western governments need to also understand that only because a minority of a minority of people disagree with something doesn’t mean that in the general consensus within that community, it can lead to laws being passed whereby most people disagree with it simply because someone shouted the loudest about it.

    In summary, we just need fair representation when it comes to the popularity of opinion within a certain space. It will make the world a much fairer and rational place to live.

  • 8 months ago

    Because they are man hating racist hypocrites

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Because feminists are entitled hypocrites.

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