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Why am I unable to update my Bluetooth driver on my Inspiron 3542 Windows 10 64bit?

I have been trying to update my Bluetooth driver since I've been having issues with my Bluetooth earbuds. They suddenly stop working however the connection is active just no sound. At the beginning I would pause the vid and restarted and it worked again. Now I have to disconnect and reconnect or turn the Bluetooth in my laptop on and off for it to work again. I know it's my laptop because my cel connects without any issues.

I figured it is a driver issue but whenever I try to update the newest driver found for my laptop in the Dell's website I get either "The best drivers for your device is already installed" or "activate your Bluetooth switch" to install (even though it is on).

I have uninstalled the Bluetooth driver and rebooted my laptop but the problem with sound persist and still unable to update the driver. Also, instead of using the installer, I extracted it then tried to update by "Browse my computer..." and it gives me the "The best..." message again.

2 Answers

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