Should the coronavirus just be allowed to run its course since isolation only contributes to its spread?

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    5 months ago
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    Should ( to indicate OBLIGATION , DUTY , correctness or what is POSSIBLE )

     the Coronavirus  just be ALLOWED ( given permission to do an action )  to Run its course ,

     since   ISOLATION ( separating people from    others  )  Contributes to its spread ?

     thank you for ones PREMISE that ISOLATION contributes to its spread ....

    .. interesting how such a  small "LIFE:" form a cellular organism  a Virus

     can DEFEAT and kill a species of  complexity and intelligence .

    . the Signature of a VIRUS  it NEEDS  to attach to a "HOST" for replication

     People  are the HOST .... Isolation does not  contribute  to its spread  and the IRONY  in the R &S  sectionTheist argue  that LIFE could not come from a single cell  that a "god ' was required    many  religious  claim their  god is a "LOVING "  god

  • 5 months ago

    In what way does isolation contribute to its spread?

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    • Alexander
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      In practice, healthy people are being confined with infected people who just haven't shown symptoms yet.

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