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Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsSingles & Dating · 1 month ago

If you trully love someone, does it really mean accepting everything,including peeing on your partner?

There is a guy who claim a partner should accept their fetishes IF they truly love them:

"You say you love me. So allow me pee on you while you are sleeping"

Um, what next? Accept spouse cheating, abusing animals or molest children with the "come on, you love me," reason. Ive never been in.a serious relationship but I feel this push "love" a bit way too far, doesnt it?


Im not dating him, but he asked me that when we talked about relationships (,as in IF dating them). I liked him as a person and respect that people have strange preferences, but I found that kind of "requirement" a bit strange. I had crush on similar type of guys who thoughts its okay to threat you to have kids with them, so I always stayed away from relationship due to lack of experience. 

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    Yes and no. When you love someone, you accept their flaws, but there is a line you draw when it comes to things such as “abusing animals or molesting children”. If it’s something bad that NO ONE should ever accept in life like that, then the person is not worthy of loving. How could anyone love someone who would do evil things like that? This guy sounds like he is manipulating you into accepting things that are downright sinful and wrong. You obviously don’t know anything about love, but this guy certainly doesn't either if he thinks that ANYTHING no matter how horrible can be accepted if you love the person. Yes when you are in love, you accept people’s flaws, but that applies to things that don’t hurt other people or living things. It means accepting their own personal problems and helping them deal with them. This doesn't mean you should be an *** and “test” your partner with cruel jokes like peeing on you in your sleep. That’s just gross and stupid. What is this guy 5? It doesnt matter if someone has a fetish, that doesn't mean its okay to purposely push that fetish onto your partner making them uncomfortable as a joke. This guy needs to stop putting all the acceptance in this relationship on you. If this guy really loves you, he should treat you with respect and not manipulate you into feeling like you are the problem when you don’t like something he is doing. If you don’t like something, he needs to stop. Its not about acceptance, its about boundaries and respect. If he cant understand that, break up with him. 

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  • 1 month ago

    If you have to ask then it is a H No.  Some women and men like being peed on. Most people do not.  I dated a woman who 6 months after having a baby, sometimes when she came she peed a little.  No big deal.  But to just pee for fun, Like Trump does, paying prostitutes to pee on him.  If it does not excite you you need to move on.  

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Everyone has to decide what their hard limits are.

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