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How do I get her to give me closure?

I broke up with my girlfriend a couple of years ago (2-3).  Her and I had a good relationship, she was everything I could’ve asked for in a person; however, there were times where I felt as if she wasn’t supporting me.  Eventually, I told her I didn’t feel as if things were working out; in other words I dumped her... Fast forward, it’s 2020 and I have a new girlfriend but I still think about my ex.  I feel like this is my mind telling me “you need closure”.  I want to tell her I’m sorry for how we broke up, I’ve matured and changed.  I’m not trying to get back into her life, but I just want to talk to her.  However, I don’t want to initiate contact first, I’d prefer that she start it.  How can I get her to contact me first without me initiating anything?  By not initiating I mean by me not calling, texting, liking any of her social media accounts, etc.  Any/All advice helps; thank you!

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