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He stares at me....why? Why do I feel this way?

Him and I go to the same gym and recently I just noticed him. It’s been a couple of days now and he keeps staring at me when we see each other. He will stare but no smile. When he sees me he’ll look at me and our eyes will meet and we’ll stare at each other for a few seconds and I’ll be the first to break eye contact. He will turn around and look at me when I pass him. This eye game will go on until I’m done my work out. And I find myself looking around for him while at the gym, I’ll catch him looking around I’m assuming for me and Our eyes will meet again. I can feel an attraction between him and I and the crazy energy.When he’s with his friend working out I’ll catch them both looking at me.He’s so damn handsome! I’m so shy and I’m guessing he is too. I can’t stop thinking about him. What the F is going on??? What is this feeling ? Please be mature and helpful. My heart is beating for this stranger

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