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Should I report mutual side-view-mirror clipping?

What should one do, if hypothetically, you were driving on a narrow road and you and the car coming from the opposite direction clipped side view mirrors.  You drove to the next turn off and got out of the car, walked back, and didn't see the other car stopped.  You didn't report it to your insurance because you don't want your rates to go up, but do you need to call the police?


Edit:  the car isn't parked in this scenario, it is driving in the opposite direction.  Thought that was obvious but maybe not.

3 Answers

  • Bort
    Lv 6
    1 month ago

    As law enforcement and insurance providers suggest any and all accidents should be reported to both of them. That is the corporate "right way" of things, as stated by their advertisements and policies.

    F_ _ _ their ads and policies. Those things are designed so they can weasel and rip more money out of people for them doing nothing.

    How bad is the damage? Is it more damage than you would pay the deductible for?

    Yes, it ripped my mirror off and damaged the door, window, and fender(s). : in this case, since it needs paint and labor having some person do sanding and a bit of body repair that's worth reporting.

    No, there's just a little nick on the edge of the mirror housing : feel free to pay your insurance carrier the amount of your deductible to do little more than answer a phone call or process a report claim through the app (which isn't much work for them at all) and have them pay a repair shop (who's going to know this 'job' is BS...some nit picker or idiot called in a report and made a claim on minor damage they could fix them selves) the amount of your deductible plus whatever the shop charges per hour for wasting their time fixing a nick.

    Your options:

    be a corporate d-bag idiot

    fix it yourself for much less than your deductible.

    find and buy a new mirror assembly. It's a few bolts and most likely around or even less than $100 for the part and it's just a few screws and maybe a wire plug connection.

    VS your concern with insurance rates going up, paying your deductible, wasting a repair shop's time on a BS repair job, and paying the corporate man his outrageous rates for BS.

    Your choice....a few screws, or get screwed.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    No, most states have a $500 or more damages before you need to report.

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  • 1 month ago

    You probably should have left a note on the other car's windshield. But if you cannot contact them, you could call the police to see if the other made a report. If you do not, your kharma might suffer but they probably won't catch you unless there was a camera.

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