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John asked in Entertainment & MusicMovies · 1 month ago

What's the name of this movie about street boys?

Now I really don't remember much of this movie, saw it many years ago.

What I remember is that it was about these problematic street boys, they get into a fight with some other guys in the beginning of the movie. One of them ends up badly beaten up and as he lies on the ground one of the perpetrators comes to him and basically pushes one of his eyes inside with his thumb. 

This boy ends up in hospital with a bandage over his eye.

Then there's this other boy who from what I remember is the main hero, he ends up in a correctional facility, he gets into a fight with 2 bullies there, who then later beat him up while he's showering.

The last character I remember is this female lawyer or social worker who's trying to help them. In one scene she shows her breasts to a bunch of men - cops or workers at the correctional facility so that she can talk with him privately I think. If I remember correctly she also goes after the boy in the hospital and gives him oral sex, though it was maybe a different female character. 

This movie is definitely 18+ with explicit scenes.

It is probably from between 2000 - 2012, from what I remember it had that early 2000s feeling, like 8 mile for example.The cast was white or at least the main characters were. I think it can an American movie or maybe Western European. Does it ring any bells to anyone ? :) 

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