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Anyone heard of this denim brand?

Found this vintage-looking denim jacket in an old house my friend bought. 

There is no tag on the inside where you'd typically see the size and such, just this little patch on the back.

I've surfed the web and came up empty handed. Only thing I thought it might be is the current denim brand "silver" but I don't think it is...

This brand seems to have the I with the diaeresis ( ï )

Super curious never seen anything like it! Hopefully someone knows ?

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2 Answers

  • Nancy
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    I have.  I remember when we started to carry Silver at The Buckle (a mall store that specializes in jeans) back in the early '90s.  We put them on the wall next to Pepe Jeans.  Back then, The Buckle was divided by brand, Guess on the back wall, Lucky in front, Pepe and Girbaud on the side wall, then Silver got put on the side wall between Pepe and Girbaud.  I can't remember what it replaced.  Anyway, it seemed like with the name they were trying to knock off Levi's Silver Tabs, which were extremely popular, while at the same time trying to seem French with those two dots over the I, what with the popularity of Girbaud and Pepe, but the Buckle only carried very hip clothes, and Silver jeans weren't any cheaper than Levi's Silver Tabs, though they were cheaper than Girbauds and Pepes.  I remember I asked my boss about it, and she said the name Silver was the last name of the designer.  It got confusing because there was also the brand Quicksilver, which also made jeans, so there were Levi's Silver Tabs, Silver, and Quicksilver.

    Anyway, that wash looks like it's probably from the early 90s or maybe late 80s, though I never heard of that brand until the early 90s, so I'm doubtful the company started back in 1920s or whatever, like that tag says, but maybe.  Maybe when they started back in the early 90s, they did it by buying out some jeans maker that had been around since the 1920s.  Also, I do seem to remember Silvers actually came from Canada, which French being one of Canada's languages might be a bona fide reason for it having labels in French and English. 

    Funny I can remember all this stuff.  I can't even remember stuff I read last week.  I guess that's how memory works, though.  You can remember tons of random stuff from when you were young, and I had just started college when I worked at The Buckle.

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  • Rick
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    could be a 'store' brand ............................

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