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Whats a good relatable book about a female battling depression, from molestation, no family, being homeless?

Just need a book that can help me fight my dark thoughts. Been molested by family members growing up. Been abandoned and lived in the streets. Ive had to resort to prostitution for money. Ive cut myself, and ive made suicide attempts.. I just need help and a good book.

3 Answers

  • 2 months ago

    Try Amazon books. I believe they have books dealing with that subject. 

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  • 2 months ago

    You say, "I just need help and a good book." Therapists often recommend books to go along with their treatments. A psychiatrist talked about this and said, "You can't get everything done in my office. You've got to do some homework."

    What book or books would be best for you I can't say. I think this is something you should talk about with a therapist. I'll mention that there's a really great book that rates books, Internet sites, films, and support groups based on polls of more than 3,000 professionals - Authoritative Guide to Self-Help Resources for Mental Health. 

    A new copy is very expensive but you can get a used copy from Amazon at a reasonable price.

    I think the best book for people who self-harm is Freedom From Self-Harm by two therapist who specialize in this problem, Gratz and Chapman. If you look at the Amazon reader reviews, you'll see that people love this book.

    DBT is a therapy that helps highly suicidal people. It recommends methods of coping in a moment of crisis, and these are very good for suicidal feelings. This article tells you -

    It mentions slow breathing, which is amazing. A good habit responding to moments of stress by breathing slowly.

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  • j153e
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    2 months ago

    Along with talking with kind, caring people, e.g. at or (1-800-525-LOVE), here are some books that help.

    These two are uplifting, helpful in that respect:

    A Street Cat Named Bob by James Bowen (and the film; )

    Understanding Yourself by Mark Prophet;

    The following are some of the many published accounts (you have a story even to tell in print, if you like).  These are helpful in bringing to light similar or shared experiences.

    Again, contact a counselor (the Klove people keep lists of trustworthy local counselors; you can ask for their contact information) even as you delve into such awful or horrible suffering would be to your benefit.  You aren't alone, and God's angels have kept immaculate records of your soul and your suffering.

    Not without My Sister by Kristina Jones;

    When Daddy Comes Home;

    Daddy's Little Earner by Maria Landon;

    Don't Ever Tell:  Kathy's Story by Kathy O'Beirne;

    Broken by Shy Keenan;

    Don't You Love Your Daddy? by Sally East;

    Please, Daddy, No, by Stuart Howarth.

    The Slave across the Street:  The True Story of How an American Teen Survived the World of Human Trafficking by Theresa L. Flores;

    Shards of Glass -- A Little Girl's Journey back into Her World of Physical, Mental and Sexual Abuse by C. W. Seymore;

    Groomed by Laurie Matthew;

    A Child Called 'It'" by Dave Pelzer.

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