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Furniture store fraud ?

So I bought 2k worth of furnitures from an Asian furniture store ,I picked and payed them at the store,but when they comes to my place and nstalled them, is like a complete opposite of what I picked and the quality is just disappointing, what can I do to get my money back if they refuse return? The store is located in Manhattan chinatown NYC. 

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  • 3 months ago
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    You paid them at the store???  I hope you don't mean in cash because you would not have much recourse in that case other than to go to court.

    What does your receipt say?  Does it mention a return policy?  Are there any signs in the store that mention the store's return policy?

    As DEBS said - if you paid by credit card you can dispute it with the credit card company (unless you paid that bill already in which case it might  be a bit harder).

    Contact the NYC Dept of Consumer Affairs - at minimum you can report the store for selling shoddy goods.

    Next time buy from a more reputable furniture store.  People always find out the hard way that you do not save money when shopping in Chinatown (yet they go anyway).

    Good luck.

  • DEBS
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    3 months ago

    Contest it with your credit card you paid with. The sue them if that doesn't work.

    • vaneeeezh3 months agoReport

      What kind of lawyer should I search for if I were to sue them ?

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