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Is this what makes a routine procedure ethical?

strengthening [a part of] your body despite you experiencing major discomfort after it's performed 

Example (I just made it up): 

Pretend there's a quick procedure that's done especially in an age-range once in a while to lower your risk of cancer (the patient doesn't mention it at all; the professional just does it to everybody) but it always resulted in you and plenty of others getting a headache. 

Is that what makes it ethical: because it's for your own good?


And may I add and that it's the only proven way to carry out that certain benefit during a checkup/exam at an office?

Update 2:

And I also just realized that it's even recommended by the authority organizations and/or major associations?

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    1 month ago
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    No.  The ends do not justify the means.  A person has the right to determine what procedures are enacted upon their body and even if the results of such are very beneficial to a person, they have the right to informed consent and refusal.


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