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I don't remember the name of this old PC game. Any of you know it?

Ir's a game me and my brothers played as little kids when computers were still kinda old. Like, I think we played it in the year 2000 or something.

It's first person point-and click. I don't remember any instructions or story happening cause there was no other character in the first part of the game. It's just the character you control on a dark and kinda foggy, I guess, island and the goal was to look for stuff that could make a raft to leave it. I remember that there was this ghost appearing in the game but it's not dangerous and just appears near a cliff or something.

After the raft is made, the character goes to another island but this time it's sunny and the sand has a bunch of colorful stuff on it we think is jewelry and stuff but we're not sure. We don't remember the name of the game or anything else but this. We weren't able to finish since we had no idea what to do in the 2nd island.

Please help?


I don't remember the exact year and by 2000, I mean the early 2000 so it can be a year or so before or after that.

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