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Anonymous asked in Arts & HumanitiesVisual ArtsPhotography · 1 month ago

Going into scenic photography what is the best beginner camera to get for this area?

I’m looking to pay around 1500 at most but anything less with just as good of features would be great.

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  • Frank
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    1 month ago
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    Scenic photography is more commonly referred to as landscape photography.  What makes a camera great for landscapes is its resolution and dynamic range.  But don't disregard the lenses that are available for any one lens mount.  A high-res body that doesn't have good lenses for it isn't any good either.

    What a lot of people don't consider are the lenses that are available for any format of camera.  This is particularly important for people like you who are or want to be into landscapes.  While smaller format cameras like Micro 4/3 and APS-C are more affordable than full frame and medium format, they are inferior to larger format cameras such as full-frame (a.k.a. 35mm format) and medium format cameras because there are zero high-quality wide lenses (primes or zooms) available for the APS-C or M43 format.  Therefore, if you want to get into landscapes, you really need to go full frame.  Fortunately, getting into the larger formats are far less expensive than just a few years ago.  A prime example is medium format.  Ten years ago a medium format body was going to cost you $45,000.  Today you can get a 50MP Fuji for less than $3,500.  Relevant to your case, with your stated budget, you can get into a full-frame body like a Sony A7R without busting your budget.

    With this in mind, buy the highest resolution camera that you can afford such as Sony's A7R II which costs about $1,398 body only.  What makes the A7R II the best camera for you is that it has an amazing 42MP sensor that will allow you to make very large prints which is what you need as a landscape photographer.  Because it's so high res and overall advanced, it'll be a camera that you can you use for the next 10+ years without having the need to upgrade.  Getting a cheaper body now and upgrading a few times over the same time period will just mean spending the same amount over a longer period of time.  Get the best now and cry only one time.

    There are other high-res cameras within your budget, but they have a lower resolution of just 32MP but even worse, they're all APS-C format cameras.

    Therefore the only body worth considering within your price range is the Sony A7R II.

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