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Tips on moving out and to another city? ?

it will be my first time living on my own, as of right now the only bills I’ve ever paid are phone, car note & insurance. What all should I expect? 

2 Answers

  • 1 month ago

    Don't move until you have a job secured in the new location.

    You won't be able to rent an apartment without a source of income.  Landlord will want at minimum 2 months rent in advance before they will let you move in.

    If you change states you will need to register your car in the new state and get that states drivers license within 30 days of when you move.  You could live dangerously and not do that, but if you get caught you will be forced to do it immediately and you will have to pay a big fine on top of it.  

    Unless the place you rent is furnished you will need to get furniture and all the "stuff" required for day to day living (dishes, silverware, towels, food stuffs.......) which can run into the $1000s at the onset.

    You will probably want Internet access at your new home?

    You will probably have to use pay per use laundry facilities (Laundromat).

    Again, don't move until you've secured a job. 

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  • 1 month ago

    Have a lot of cash ready to burn.  

    You wont get an apartment until you have a job, so you'll need somewhere to stay until that happens...then a little more time before any landlord will consider you.  If moving to a city with high demand...they might not even take you until you've shown a year or more of work history...

    You'll probably need roommates at the beginning...

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