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Anonymous asked in PetsDogs · 2 months ago

Should we get a second dog?

Before anyone says anything about vet costs or costs in general, care, etc., we're fine to do this. It's not a matter of money OR time.

Moving on, my dog really loves other dogs. It breaks my heart when our cats play, and he's not included in the fun. He tries, but he doesn't play like them. We play with him as much as we can, but he has so much fun with other doggies and loves to play, romp around, wrestle, etc. He's 8 months old, medium mixed. We were thinking after he's about a year old to adopt another older dog, maybe 2-3 years old.

Would this be a good idea for him? I know dogs are pack animals and the more the merrier, I just don't want to assume that he's lonely and wants another friend, which I know a lot of pet owners do. How can I tell if my dog "needs" another dog to be happy?

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  • 2 months ago
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    He doesn't need another dog to be happy.  If you want a second dog, get one because you want one, not because you think your current dog needs a friend.  So, yes it's right that you don't assume that he's lonely and wants another friend and it's also nice to know that he gets along well with other dogs.  There is one other thing I'd like to point out, if I may.  When you speak of adopting another dog that's maybe 2 or 3 years old, I'm assuming you'd like to get one from a shelter or rescue.  Sometimes those dogs have limited knowledge about their past, so also don't assume that if you get another dog that it will get along with your current dog.  In fact, things could end up the opposite of how you'd like it to turn out if you do end up with another dog.  Another day may not like your dog, and for that matter it might like your cats either.

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Beware a multiple dog home and yes they do have a blast playing with someone other than us.  My daughter started out with one dog, felt he was lonely and waited until he was two years old before getting another dog.  She wanted to make sure his personality did not change once he was mature as some dogs do.

    She found a female pup at the shelter and brought her home, as expected they loved each other at first sight, however we not expecting that little green jealous monster he could be when we tried working with the girl.

    Max would shove her out of the way or try and crawled on our laps when we paid some attention to her.  When we tried to feed her he was great about letting her eat from her food dish and did not resource guard his but everything else he felt was his so it took quite a bit of training to get him over the jealousy.  

    Be aware some dogs just don’t get along, they don’t like playing together nor hanging together.  If you do get a dog make sure it’s because you want one and have the time for the new dog not just getting the dog to keep the other dog happy.

    My daughter joe does games with both dogs, runs them as a team and uses them pulling a small wagon together (both around 70 to 80 pounds).  Aside from the unexpected jealousy she never regretted getting the second dog.  She originally wanted two but didn’t know if she rolls har the time to keep them up.

    If you get another dog or pup, make sure your dog likes it first and they get along fine.  Also make sure you have the time and the room for both.  I won’t mention the time nor money since you stated that’s not an issue.

    Two dogs can be a lot o fun but they do take more time than just a single, you have training, grooming, cleanup, exercise and you need make sure there’s rpequil time for both.

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  • 2 months ago

    Only you can answer this question for yourself.  In my area it is very difficult to find housing that allows pets, especially if you have more than one pet, so you may want to add future housing issues to your list of things to consider.

    Dogs ARE pack animals and one thing having a second dog will do is give your dog someone besides you to entertain and socialize with.  I have almost always gotten my pets, both dogs and cats, in pairs so they have a friend when I’m working or otherwise occupied.  This doesn’t necessarily need to be the same species, but same species is usually pretty predictable.

    I currently have two dogs I got as young dogs two years apart.  My older 50 lb dog I got first, knowing I’d get her a companion at some point but she was crazy active and I wanted her fully trained and our relationship to be well established and grounded before I got the second dog.  

    When Kazoo was 2 it was clear she was ready for / needed the companion.  She was still such a handful I wanted a much smaller dog for that because I knew having 2 dogs as big and active as her would be too much for me.  I got her a much smaller little sister and it has been delightful since the first moment.

    I do suggest you do your research on multi-dog households.  Having 2 dogs that don’t get along or will fight sucks.  I’ve had as many as 5 dogs at a time and have been in this position.  Some breeds are more likely to have aggression or dominance issues than others.  In my case, it was huskies who have 10 out of 10 wolf traits for dogs and can have dominance shifts through aging, injury, etc.  It can get ugly.

    My best suggest would be to either have a dog of each sex (fixed, of course) or have the sizes be so different that dominance issues won’t come into play.  I have two females, 50 lbs and 11 lbs and it works fine.  Dogs close in weight can have dominance issues come up seasonally as weights change, I’ve dealt with that as well.  One of my huskies would slim down in the summer while her sister, normally about 10 lbs smaller, would bulk up.  I had to be careful during the summer about dominance challenges (or the slightly smaller one getting sick of being bullied by her sister) because they might fight over something.

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  • 2 months ago

    If you want. The dog is probably pretty happy already (most dogs are) but I'm sure a 2nd dog that he could play with would be great for him, but it will be alot of work too.

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