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72 skylark?

So my car is running now i thank everyone who has helped me, but my issue is my tail lights stay on even when ignition is off an light switch is off, recently i blew a fuse to my tail lights i took it out an replaced it with the 20 amp one from the clock now theres no fuse to the clock an my tail lights now turn off when ignition is off an turn on when on im confused because before my tail lights never turn off unless i unhook battery, an as before my brake lights have never worked ive been told it could be my pedal switch could this be true? When i step on my break hard an let go my lights dim but then go back to normal but no brake lights when i step on brake

2 Answers

  • 1 month ago

    Replace the brake light relay. It's stuck. That is common on many GM vehicles. Last time I saw that, Mr Goodwrench wanted $52 on the "Made-In-Mexico" OEM relay. I took the bad one apart, cleaned it, and burnished the contacts and put it back together and it worked fine, years since. $52....pppffffffft !

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    You need a wiring diagram of the tail lights and brake lights.  Get a test light and check for power/ground and or continuity at the ignition switch, connectors and switches when it should be present (or not present).  Good luck.

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