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Could this be why I love CIA agents so much?  ?

I did something real stupid 10 years ago that caused me to be watched by the CIA.  I never got arrested or anything but they were watching me hard and still are.  When I found out they were watching me I loved it because I always wanted to be CIA or military.  I never had anybody believe in me in my life and never really had any parents.  My mom died when I was 2 and my dad never re married.  He was also disabled so he couldn't be much of a father.  When I started communicating with CIA agents online I ended up really liking them because they were cool to me in ways that I can't explain on yahoo answers.  But I began watching david rutherfords motivational videos and I began to really change my ways combined with God and Jesus Christ.  I have strong suspicion that CIA people were around me I know it sounds weird but it's true.  I just can't explain it on this site.  They had a profound impact on me for a little while before I started doing drugs and fell off again.  I guess I feel like they were people that I could become a better person for or something like that.  Its weird.  I suppose they could've really been FBI agents but I was told in a way that they were CIA.  It was just so cool to me that I really improved my life.  I mean I started exercising all the time.  I lost like 80 lbs.  And got muscular as hell.  This was when Obama was president too.  I thought the USA was going to go down the shitter.  I don't know what the **** I'm trying to say now but wdyt?  

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