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3D Product Design and Development Software Choice?

Hi everyone,

I am an experienced game designer with five years or so experience with various different 3D Design applications such as 3Ds Max, Zbrush and Maya and am quite competent in jumping into different software of a similar nature and vocabulary.

However, i would like to turn my hand to product design and development. Taking an idea for a product from idea to design to production to market. The only problem is i don't know which product out there would meet my needs and which would be at an adequate level of industry standard in order to send and communicate universally with design files and drawings without running into compatibility issues due to incompatible file types and outdated methods/practices etc.

So with that being said, 

Which Software/Softwares?

I have heard a lot about Autocad, Inventor, Solidworks, Sketchup etc. but they all look very similar from my uninitiated eye so any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Have a good one!

- Matt 

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