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Anonymous asked in HealthOther - Health · 2 months ago

was on phone with medicaid state pharmacy. before call ended rep said stay off the internet. Was this real?

can state medicaid pharmacy or state medicaid tell you on ssi stuff can't have internet access at home?

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    call them back, and hopefully you'd get them in a better mood.. i urge you to be patient when dealing with people because people are people.. people often make mistakes and be unnecessary rude to others.. it is a karma thing, be nice to people and hopefully people will be nice to you..

    call them back after 1-2 hours and prepare a recorder to record the conversation.. keep your questions about the SSI (?supplement security income?) stuff concise to the point..

    always remember that office people often multi-task between doing their office work and answering the phone.. so they may have plenty on their plate at the moment, so try contacting them later, and not during the peek hours: the first work hours on a Monday or the last hours on a Friday..

    now.. it is possible that changes were made to the policy recently that they did not have time to update the information online; so whatever the information available online, they may not be applicable nor correct at the time of the call..

    however, if this government worker is being dismissive and rude for no apparent reason, then you can lodge a complaint with his/her department with the evidence you have..


    do not publish your voice-recording(s) just yet.. in some states, the privacy laws can land YOU into trouble if you publish the recording online or to a news outlet.. these recording(s) are like the Nuclear bomb solution that should not be used as the first option..


    and all the best`

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