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Ben asked in SportsBasketball · 1 month ago

If you were jealous of a friend, or a gf/bf that went to the Basketball Tournament in March with their friends be your March Sadness?

If you get jealous for weeks because you saw your gf/bf tagged with his/her bf/gf at a Basketball Arena, or at a Football Stadium, but you still remember when he, or she went a couple of years later when you still remembered when you were jealous of your bf/gf went to the NCAA Tournament to see and to cheer on Basketball Teams when you didn’t, as you go for weeks of silence from March until for awhile from there, would that year for you be considered, “March Sadness,” if like your “Girlfriend” or “Boyfriend” got to go to the “NCAA” that you wanted to go to so badly, but he, or she did, but you didn’t?

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