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Violetta asked in HealthOther - Health · 1 month ago

Why did I vomit and have hallucinations after exercise? ?

Hello! So my friend and I went hiking on a mountain today. It was cold and snowy, lots of fun, but when we were almost back to the park area I stopped and looked around for a minute and everything seemed to be moving away-like literally the trees and land were moving away from me, followed by me puking next to a tree. This happens very commonly after I exercise, I'll start to have these hallucinations that everything is just moving away like that but I don't typically throw up as well, today was a first for the puking part. After I got back into the car I realized I also had a dark spot in my left eye, it bothered me to have both eyes open because it just didn't look right because of the dark spot in the other one. Does anyone have an explanation here? 

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