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Anonymous asked in Home & GardenMaintenance & Repairs · 1 month ago

Is keeping a portable/Window AC on cheaper keeping central AC unit on?

My house is small so. I have one window ac in the living room and one in my room and it keeps my whole house cool but I would like to to is using the Ac unit in my house cheaper then using both of my Window Ac on. 

1 Answer

  • A.J.
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Generally, central air conditioning is more efficient. In cooling the same total area, central air is better. Some rooms can have the vent closed and door closed if unused rooms and that helps central air.

    There are households or times that one room needs to be cool, but other rooms at a higher temperature. There are rooms far from the air conditioner where ductwork is inefficient and trying to cool one room has the rest of rooms cold.

    There could also be a case of new high efficiency window AC versus an old out of maintenance central ac.

    So, spot cooling could be better with a modern window AC. Usually, in a whole house cooling, central air is cheaper to run.

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