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What kind of jobs are out there for people who would like to draw or sketch Jewelry designs by hand or come up with an idea  for Jewelry?


 This can be for a necklace,earrings or a ring. What I really would like to know is do you have to have degree for this kind of work? I also wanted to know if there are any jobs like this that can be done from home on a computer program or on a tablet? I just want to if anyone can offer some candid advice about this it would be great! I'm also curious on whether you can have little or no experience doing this ! Thank you for time!

Update 2:

I really meant there were any jobs where one could do hand drawings of a jewelry design idea!  They could use a computer program for 3D design enhancement but what about hand drawing or painted rendered sketch?

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Jewellery designer.

    Most jewellery starts off as a drawing of some kind. I imagine any jeweller who makes custom wedding rings (for example) will illustrate the ring before the expensive phase.

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