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Joypad help?

Were can i get a PC Joypad that comes with a Softwere Disc that has a Keymaper

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  • 1 month ago
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    With the plug-n-play nature of modern PC controllers (including XBox One controllers supporting Bluetooth), there's generally NO SOFTWARE DRIVERS required as Windows will just grab the appropriate drivers or the generic drivers from Microsoft's Windows Drivers repository.  Additionally, optical drives (CD / DVD-ROMs) are no longer standard, so the controller manufacturer will need to have a website to host the necessary drivers if they don't use the generic ones.

    With that said, there are utility programs like Joy2Key will allow you to map a game with only keyboard controls to a controller by emulating keyboard presses with the corresponding controller input.

    Other option is the Steam Controller, which was officially discontinued as of Nov. 29, 2019, but was geared to be highly customizable controller to use with Steam.  It allowed you to map the controller to whatever keyboard & mouse inputs for the game.  The Steam Controller was released with the Steam Link, Steam Machine & Steam OS, when they were trying to make PC's more console-like... which didn't full pan out as desired.

    You just have to do some research to find these specialized controllers that require some drivers here, but you're better off just picking up a utility program to do a software-based conversion.

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  • 1 month ago
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