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Girls obsessed with disney or youtube star named Bill?

My daughter and I always keep track in what the grandkids are interested in and their favorite celebrities. My daughter made my young granddaughters stop being fans of Justin Bieber, Jake Paul, and some band because of very bad behavior. We didnt want them influenced anymore after the olders personality and interests started changing for the worst. The four of us were at our house when we heard they discussing and giggling about a guy named Bill saying he was so hot and sexy, cute, dangerous etc and some more inappropriate things. They are 12 and 15. We cant figure out who this guy/kid is and if they should be watching him. All we have to go off of is the name "bill", that hes apparently crazy and a drawing the younger granddaughter did of her her holding hands with a blonde boy in a suit with a tie that said Lisa T x Bill C Do you have any idea who this celebrity is, what show theyre on and what they do? Thanks


Do not ******* post about Bill Cosby as it is not.

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