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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicHoroscopes · 1 month ago

Do I qualify to be an Aries stellium based on my birthchart?

I am an Aries Sun, Aries Moon and Aries Mercury. A lot of people say I don’t give the impression of an Aries until they get to really know me and I heard first impression is based on your rising sign which is in Sagittarius but I am a reserved introverted guy. The only thing I can think of to explain my reserved introverted character is my mars in cancer. I am very passive and slow in taking action despite having a lot of Aries in my chart.

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  • Janet
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    1 month ago
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    You have a minor Stellium. Not a strong Stellium. What this means is that 3 of your 10 inner needs operate in an Aries manner: (1) Sun is your need to feel whole inside, (2) Moon is your automatic emotional reaction style, and (2) Mercury is how you form opinions and your style of communicating.

    Yes, the Rising Sign is our "social mask". It is how we act when we are meeting people or in a social situation but not yet totally comfortable in that situation. So we hide behind the behavior style of our Rising Sign UNTIL we become comfortable. People will not really see the real us until we relax with them. Sagittarius Rising becomes outgoing and talkative and philosophical in a detached, happy-go-lucky way .. and the more uncertain they are in that situation, the more they act that way.

    But you don't identify with this? Any planets conjunct or opposition your Ascendant will impact how you express your Ascendant.

    In fact, we ALWAYS look at all the aspects between planets FIRST. The "red lines" connecting any two planets indicate that those needs are in conflict inside of you, and inner conflict creates both stress and uncertainty (which can result in hesitation and uncertainty).

    You are focusing on Signs, and that is not where the information is contained.

    For instance, take your emotional style as shown by your Moon.

    IF your Moon interacts discordantly with other inner needs (red lines), your emotions are the NEGATIVE style of Aries .. until you overcome this, at least. Since astrology is only an influence and doesn't control us).

    If your Moon interacts harmoniously with other inner needs (blue or green lines), your emotions are the POSITIVE style of Aries.)

    Conjunction aspects (a distance of no more than 8 degrees apart can be positive or negative or both, depending on which two planets are involved and what other aspects occur with either of those 2 planets.

    Introversion arises from not being comfortable with our sense of self-worth. 97% of us grow up without having good self-esteem, so the astrology chart will only show how easy it is for someone TO learn self-esteem. Sun with discordant aspects has trouble achieving good self-esteem. Saturn strong, especially if discordantly aspected, has trouble achieving good self-esteem. But even with both of these in someone's natal chart, they CAN develop self-esteem.

    Mars is how we react to having any kind of desire .. the way we take action, how assertive or aggressive we are, how we take initiative, how we handle frustration (including how we handle anger .. anger springs out of pain or out of frustration). In Cancer, these activities WILL be emotional, hesitant (our of self-protection) and may be timid.

    Without seeing all of your natal chart ... the circular map, of a list .. there is no way I can ascertain what astrological influences (if any) influence introversion in you. And you have only given us 5, our of the 40-50 factors in your natal chart and not even the important factors in your natal chart.

    Life experiences can produce introversion even if there is none of this shown in the natal chart. All the natal chart shows is how we will LIKELY be IF we do nothing to change or grow.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Couple of points.

    1) Stellium. These and other planetary configurations are wildly overrated. I think they were invented by modern astrologers to make the client feel special.  "Oh look!  I have a stellium or a yod or a grand cross.  You don't.  Therefore I'm special." If you make the orbs wide enough, you can have lots of stuff in your chart.  You're still you. The idea is that, when the orbs are tight, when one planet involved is "hit" by a transit, direction, progression, etc all the other planets involved are also triggered.  This limits the configurations to very close orbs. But everyone wants to be special, so ...

    2) " I don’t give the impression of an Aries until they get to really know me ..."

    Whether you know it or not, this is an astute observation. What the symbols indicate is rarely immediately obvious. Humans are a complex lot, and unless we get to know someone really well, the superficial will become our opinion of that individual. I'm thinking specifically of a famous old time baseball player who had this gruff demanding exterior that everyone knew, but he kept it pretty much hidden how much he loved kids. His will was obvious on the field. The soft spot was deliberately hidden to avoid publicity. Which man was he? Sports writers and fans would say one thing.  The parents, strangers usually, of the children he helped quite another. 

    3) "I heard first impression is based on your rising sign"

    Don't bet on it. I'm sure you read or heard this somewhere and it can be found in most of the lower quality astrology texts. It's not true. Look up Libra rising and after you get done reading all the gushy stuff about how wonderful these people are, reflect on the fact that Adolph Hitler had Libra rising. Before Sun sign astrology, the ascendant was YOU. From this judgment could be made on your physical appearance (to a point), your moral character, and it was a major part in judging length of life. Our ancestors did not get hung up on the popular understanding of the personality, i.e. how we behave in front of others.  Teenagers think nothing is more important. 

    I mentioned Hitler and Libra rising.  He had Venus, Libra's domicile ruler, in Taurus, which is her other domicile, but she was retrograde, and conjunct a debilitated Mars and square a debilitated Saturn.  She was also poorly placed in the malefic 8th sign from the ASC. This is the most battered ascendant ruler ever, and it showed. 

    The traditional rule is that the planet "acts through" the planet that rules the sign it occupies.  Your Aries Planets "act through Mars in Cancer" - a difficult place for Mars. With Sagittarius rising, Mars is likely further subdued by being in the 8th house - definitely the 8th sign from the ASC. There isn't enough here to comment further. 

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    • Antares
      Lv 6
      1 month agoReport

      Orbs are very important if the native has three or more planets tightly conjunct it is much stronger than 3 spread out over the sign or house. When contacted it is far more powerful than if a slow planet takes months or years to hit each one. Delineate the planets in the houses. That's enough

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  • 1 month ago

    Without a chart to see the actual degrees of the planets in their signs, not much can be said. Planets in signs are not that important, it's how the planets get on with each other that is. Eg, one or more of your planets in Aries may be square, (90 degrees away and square to), your Mars in Cancer. If any are, they may fight each other for dominance when you need your Mars to take action so gradually you become very wary of using either or one of them or one becomes dominant over the other for some reason perhaps. Check the degrees of your Aries planets and see if any are within 8 degrees of the degree your Mars is in Cancer.If so, google astrology natal Mars square natal Sun, or Moon or which ever one is square. If your Sun is within 8 degrees of your Moon or Mercury then they are conjunct, (merged together). If Mercury is also conjunct your Sun, or Moon then that is also conjunct and will form a stellium. Also see what other planets, if any, are in aspect to your Mars. Particularly see what Saturn shows in your chart by house position and how it aspects other planets.

    • Janet
      Lv 7
      1 month agoReport

      GibBas is a knowledgeable astrologer and their answer is worth paying attention to.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Isn’t astrology great? When you can’t take control and responsibility for your actions, blame your birthday. Better yet, blame your parents. They should have learned astrology so they could have avoided having a bad birth time.

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  • lala
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    When you are mad I would not like to be around you !!! 

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