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How should I act normal when I go to meet and greets with celebrities?

I might be going to a meet and greet event in March to meet some internet celebrities.

As much as I love the internet celebrities and their work, I get really shy and socially anxious in public. It makes it awkard when I meet these celebrities and they kinda expect a short conversation and I just fizz out and talk in a weak voice.

If I approach an celebrity for a meet and greet, what can I say that'll make me look normal and friendly? Maybe say how inspiring their work is, or that I do something similar?

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  • 2 months ago
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    I love meeting celebrities, Have met a few, and I don't try and hide my excitement, and I never put any thought into what I would say, So I usually just end up complimenting their work, I think they are happy to see someone excited to see them and you can ask them anything you want, they are prepared for any interaction

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  • Rick B
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    2 months ago

    An internet celebrity is NOT a celebrity. Relax. They are just obnoxious people.

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  • 2 months ago

    Trust me- they don't expect anything, and they don't want to spend much time with fans. I've been to these meet and greets. They shake you hand, and move you along to the next person. You can rehearse a few remarks about how much you enjoyed their work in whatever. 

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