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Physio Question!?

Hello I pulled my adductor (I am almost certain it was the Adductor Brevis) when running one day, and I got physiotherapy  done on it, to strengthen the muscles back up through strength training.

I did this for 6 months and was finally allowed to return to football/soccer. 

I have now been playing for about 2 years since the injury and I never feel any pain or tightness when I play or exercise even when I really push myself. 

Now here lies the problem, whenever I am sitting for any period of time, I slowly feel like it tightens up and I feel like I need to stand up and stretch to make it go away.When I do this it is fine again, until I sit for a while again. 

For example I was on a long flight recently and it tightened up within an hour of being on the plane and I felt I had to stand every hour just to stretch the muscle.

Or in my job when I am sitting at the office for over an hour it seems to tighten/flare up and it needs stretched.

I have stopped doing the strength training exercises the physio suggested during the training, because it was 2 years ago and pushing the muscle does not seem to be the problem, as i have been exercising and playing constantly with no problems, its when I am sitting and have less to no movement it gets super tight. 

I do not know if anyone will give me any advice on here but I thought it might be worth it so thanks in advance to anyone who can help me!!


I am 24

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