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Best Mortgage and Auto Insurance in Texas?

I am purchasing my first home. I am wondering what would be recommended to be the most inexpensive and good quality home and auto bundle insurance. I am currently paying $170 for my auto insurance. 

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  • 1 month ago
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    There is no one stop shop for this...period.  Additionally, the company offering the best rates may change from year to year anyway...

    I would suggest you pursue at least 5 quotes, one or two from the following groups:

    1. Internet - Find a website and get a price

    2. Captive Agents - Think Allstate and State Farm, who can only write their own policies.

    3. Independent agents - They shop around to a bunch of different companies to get the best rate.  If bundling doesnt work, they have more flexibility.  

    If there was a definitive answer to your question...there would only be one insurance company left in TX...

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